Hey again Jason...
Here are the questions:

Q: Which of the Jedi Knight games have you, yourself played/finished?

Amazingly, the only Jedi game I have played and finished is (DFII). Outside of the MYST series and a couple of other things like Deus Ex and Age of Empires...I havent found too many games I really get all that involved or interested in.

Q: Where did you record the clips for Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight?

The cut scenes in the game itself were filmed in Los Angeles on a sound stage that was painted entirely of what they call "blue screen blue".
So when you see Kyle running through a vast wasteland, or sitting at a table dealing with crooked robots, I am sitting on an apple box in an empty blue painted stage pretending to talk with something that isnt really there. In most cases I was forced to focus on a light stand while someone else actually read the robots dialogue. Also, we did some of the recording up in San Fransisco too.

Q: What kinds of props where used?

OK! Heres the part that might be too realistic, but I hope its not too real for ya. My lightsaber, and what I used for the entire shoot, was a yellow/green painted broom handle mounted on a prop handle that looked like the real deal. Everything else was added in post production. Most of everything was added after the filming. Like I said, I was often the only thing on this large blue stage...other then other human actors/characters of course.

Q: How did you get in contact with Lucasarts for the role? Did they just call you or something?

The course of action taken to find the actor to play Kyle was not unlike any other audition for most actors. I recieved a call from my agent, that told me a group from up north was interested in meeting me for a part in a Star Wars CD ROM game. I agreed, went in to meet the director and lead programmer from Lucas Arts...
I read the script and acted out dialogue with several different actress' auditioning for the role of Jan....after meeting with several other actors for both roles, thy decided on myself and Angela Harry (Jan Orrs)...and the rest is history as they say.

Q: Did you get to keep any saberhandle or maybe the Bryar pistol?

Sadly, no. I didnt get to keep any of the props. I did recieve the original character sketch/drawing of Kyle in uniform at the end oif the shoot though... signed by all my grateful fellow actors and Lucas executives....that was really cool.

Q: Apart from Jedi Knight, what would you consider to have been your greatest moment/film of acting?

Well, Im not too sure what I would call my greatest moment while acting in film, there have been several stand out moments . However, I did do a film with River Pheonix a bunch of years ago ('A Night in the life of Jimmy Reardon'), that had several other people who have since gone on to make great carreers for themselves. That was a really cool experience and a lot of fun, and a few good friendships were formed on that job. I was really stunned by his passing just a few years later....he was such a great dude..


I want to thank Jason, for actually mailing back, and supporting me and the site like this!
He is an awesome actor and an awesome guy!

Thanks Jason

May the Force be with You!