- Force Jump - Force Speed - Force Pull - Force Seeing -

Light Side
- Force Healing - Force Persuasion - Force Blinding - Force Absorb - Force Protection -

Dark Side
- Force Throw - Force Grip - Force Lightning - Force Destruction - Force Deadly Sight -

Soon to come
- Force Push - Chain Lightning - Lightsaber Throw - Force Projection - Far Sight -

Force Jump

A Jedi can use the Force to dramatically increase his leaping abilities for defense and general maneuverability in both combat and non-combat situations. Force Jump is considered a neutral Force power, neither passive nor aggressive.

Force Speed

A Jedi have the ability to focus all energy, and then let it all out at once. Force Speed gives you an incredible speed on foot which can be used for either in combat or when needing to hurry for something in general. It can also be used as a combination with Force Jump to leap great distances!

Force Pull

An extremely useful neutral Force ability, Force Pull has a wide variety of uses including disarming opponents by pulling the weapons from their hands, moving objects and collecting power-ups and weapons that are out of reach.
Force Seeing

When threats that cannot be seen are attacking, this Force Power can calm you, and let your inner self see what your eyes do not. Enemy Jedi can sometimes hide to be able to attack from behind, but if this Force Power has been learned, no worry needed.
Force Healing

Jedi can draw upon the Force to recover from wounds and injuries sustained in battle. When injured, a player can use the Force to heal himself. Healing is considered a light side Force ability because of its passive, helpful nature.
Force Persuasion

The Force can exert a powerful influence over the weak minded. Force Persuasion makes you conceal your physical self for the weak minded, leaving your presence unnoticed.
Force Blinding

This particular power makes your opponent blinded for at least a few seconds. This ability is very useful, especially when your enemy have a blaster rifle of some sort, since aiming is a lot harder. Using this on Jedi however can be tricky, since your opponent still can block your lightsaber move with an almost full capacity.

Force Absorb

A Jedi can use this power to gain the force powers energy that is being used against him. When recieving a force attack, this power drains the energy from your opponent, while you gain the same level of power as the enemy lost.
Force Protection

Force Protection can be used by Jedi, strictly comitted to the Light Side of the Force. To gain this power, a Jedi need to fully releave himself from all other Force Powers except the Powers of the Righteous and Just side. Including Neutral Force Powers.
Force Throw

With this power you can centre the Force on a living being to expand the Force field of the enemy, and then implode it so that all loose objects hits the opponent with a deadly speed.
Force Grip

Force Grip allows a Jedi to use the Force to choke or constrict the organs of an opponent to harm or incapacitate them. Grip is rarely used by light Jedi as it is more attuned to the dark side of the Force.
Force Lightning

With this power, the Jedi using it can throw electric bolts through the air and electrify whoever the victim is. Since it is such a destructive Power it is classified as a Dark Side Force Power. It is a very deadly power but can be avoided with speed and maneuverability.
Force Destruction

This force power allows a Jedi to gather energy into his fists and then release it in the form of a fiery ball of light. The energy concealed in this bolt is very high and can, not only harm or kill an opponent but also make objects around it ricochet because of the explosion caused when contact is made.
Force Deadly Sight

Force Deadly Sight can focus and harm several targets at once only by using this Force Power. When used, the enemies health will be drained in a matter of seconds. This Force Power is only gained by choosing the grim and Dark ways of the Force.