Species: Human
Sex: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 1.7 Meters
Political Affiliation: New Republic
Homeworld: Sulon
Weapon of Choice: Modified Bryar Pistol and Lightsaber
Vehicle of Choice: Moldy Crow, Ravens Claw
Appearances: Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, Mysteries Of The Sith, Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy

A Rebel Alliance agent and a former stormtrooper soldier. When his father, Morgan Katarn, got killed
by a Dark Jedi called Jerec, he joined forces with the Rebel Alliance.

In Dark Forces, Kyle´s first mission was to brake into a imperial facility and get out of there alive with
the Death Star plans. Kyle and his companion Jan Ors also helped to get rid of the new imperial threat; The Dark Trooper. Kyle even rescued Crix Madine from an Imperial prison and sabotaged the Dark Troopers spacegoing construction site, The Arc Hammer.

Several of the Emperor´s darkside adepts, led by Jerec, had attracted corporate backers and formed a warlord cabal. Their influence was limited, but Jerec had discovered The Valley Of The Jedi on Ruusan, where the spirits of the Brotherhood of Darkness and The Army of Light had been trapped in limbo for a thousand years.
Avenging his father´s death, Kyle single-handedly killed Jerec in a lightsaber-battle inside the Valley. Luke Skywalker, impressed by that, offered to train Katarn as a Jedi apprentice, but Katarn refused and gave Skywalker his lightsaber, as protection against his own temptation to the dark side.

Katarn and Jan Ors kept up their mercenairy ways, destroying and infiltrating remaining imperial bases for the Rebel Alliance. But on one mission Jan got killed by a Dark Jedi called Dessan and his Dark Jedi sidekick Tavion.
Dessan and Kyle met, but with Kyle not being able to use the force (he stopped his training ...remember?), he was an easy adversary. Dessan and Tavion killed Jan knowing that Kyle would cast away his promises and go to the Valley of The Jedi. Kyle did this, even though he did not surrender to darkness. Thanks to the councellation of his Fathers Jedi Spirit, he wasn't able to turn over to the dark side.

Dessan and Tavion followed secretly, and created dozens of Dark Jedis within the Valleys core, called "Reborns."

Kyle on the other hand went back to the Jedi Academy and wanted his lightsaber back from Skywalker so he could take his revenge on Dessan. Katarn had to make several trials to regain the power of the force, and in order to get his lightsaber back. He went to Nar Shadaa to meet up with a "Waste disposal manager" named Reelo Baruk. Kyle knew that the fat rodian was a gangster, and had one of the biggest crime organisations in Nar Shadaa at the time. Kyle also ran into Lando Calrissian, who had been captured by Reelo and his men. Kyle, with the help of Lando killed Reelo, in a big confrontation where Reelo prevented the two friends from leaving. Lando and Kyle fled to Bespin, where they went seperate ways.
Kyle did not find Dessan, but he found Tavion. Cloud city was now full of "Reborns", Rodians and other of Reelos lowlifes . Tavion and Kyle fought, but Kyle had regained more force abilities than Tavion thought. Katarn beat Tavion, and strangled her with the force till she started whimpering.
She told him that Jan was still alive, and that she was onboard Dessan's ship "The Doomgiver".

After finding and realeasing Jan, Kyle sabotaged the ship and both Jan and Kyle got in an escape pod, only to find their way back to Yavin and the Jedi Academy.
Kyle and Jan also noticed feelings for each other that hadn't been there before, and they even kissed each other.
Kyle found his way to the Academy's core, and faced Dessann. He struk down Dessann, and finally got to the conclusion to hold on to his lightsaber this time.
He later settled down at the Jedi Academy and became a combat instructor.

To find out the rest of Katarns fate, play Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.