Januari 26 2005:

Ok, the site is getting worked on again, is looking better than ever and it even got its own place at the Massassi.net's news!
Check it out for yourself!

I want to thank the guys over at massassi for doing this and therefore getting me 157 hits in one day! Thanks :D


Januari 22 2005:

It has happened.
The site has been worked on and is almost complete!
All sites have been reworked on and fixed and info has been added almost everywhere.
There are still some stuff to be written, but much have alredy been written.

Check the site out, force powers, weapons and more are now up on all the games and
the new M-Con is up, you can find it to your right.

The Kyle Katarn Fan Site is reborn, and this newspage will be updated more frequently with info about other major Star Wars events.

If you feel that you know some of the info that isn't filled out yet, please mail me.
My adress is ackehallgren@hotmail.com

Thank you very much for hanging in there and may the force be with you all!


June 13 2004:

I have found and gotten the permission to link to the very first Kyle Katarn Fan Film!
This thing is amazing! It has great acting, great locations, great props, lightsaber fights and more!
The guys who made this film is the same guys who owns the Pheonix Fan Force Site...
Anyhow, you'll find it under Fan Films...
Go there... Now!

June 13 2004:

I've finally got a forum working. It's a phpBB forum and it's looking mighty awesome!
Go there and register...

June 11 2004:

Another update has been made, the fanart section has been updated.
The very talanted artist Oliver Kuhlmann has submitted four images of our favorite hero Kyle Katarn.

That's unfortunately all for this update. I'm working on a major super update, which hopefully will be done next month or earlier. If you feel a bit conserned about the "unfinishedness" regarding the sections,
mail me your info, and maybe I'll use it.

Thats all for now.


May 16 2004:

Wohow! Long time no see!!!
The site is back up, on a new server, and boy do we have an update today!

Me, the webmaster and designer of this site, has actually gotten in contact with Jason Court!!!

Jason Court has starred in movies as "A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon" and "Grandview U.S.A",
and has acted with celeberitys as River Pheonix and Mathew Perry.

Even though he has been in these films, we know him as, you guessed it, Kyle Katarn.
Jason is the only actor of Kyle Katarn that actually has been seen in the games. In Jedi Knight, all of the cutscenes was filmed and Jason rocked in everyone of them!

I made a small "Email interview" that he actually took the time to answer. Thanks Jason!

Read it Here

On a more "updaty" point... The site has been updated...
Merch does now contain a "Wishlist", and by wishlist I mean Kyle Katarn related stuff or games we would like to see... Check it out for yourself!


November 7 2003:

I'm really sad to say this, but I figured i had to explain the lack of updates,
and the uploading of JKA Screenshots!
The thing is, I don't have any space left on the server, so I can't update...
I am however soon moving to a server with more space, and hopefully
I can update soon again...

Until then, you should register at the forum, if you want the latest about the site...

Over and out!


Oktober 7 2003:

Well, since I finally figured out how to play online in Jedi Academy, I've been rather busy,
but i managed to get some pictures of me and some more people playing which looks
kinda cool!

Check it out at the Jedi Academy Screenshots section!

Also, Katarn07 (Who is cooperating with me on the site) has also been rather busy lately,
but he's working on DF planets and characters so we're hoping to see new stuff soon...

Ack out...


Oktober 7 2003:

Just received a new fanart from the great Valtteri!
Anyone who have played Jedi Knight will get flashbacks and shivers up their spine!

Check it out:

I just completed JA, and i want to say that its really the best accomplishment
LucasArts has made in a very long time. It really had the right Jedi Knight feeling,
wich i felt that Jedi Outcast lacked! It defenitly isn't the longest game I've played,
and the levels are kinda short, but thanks to amazing enviroments and ideas, this
game makes every second count!

Also, for you who have been wondering what the little weird "A" under the left menu is,
its the logo of my productions: Acketainment! It will soon be clickable, but untill then I will leave
it as it is!

Thats all the updates for now...

May the force be with you!