- Lightsaber - Bryar Pistol - E-11 Blaster Rifle - Tenloss Distruptor Rifle - Wookie Bowcaster -

- Imperial Heavy Repeater - Destructive EMP2 Gun - Golan Arms Flachette - Merr-Sonn Portable Missile System -

- Thermal Detonator - Trip Mine - Detonation Pack -



The lightsaber is the trademark and only true weapon of the Jedi. The sabers were used in a more civilized age, which means that carrying a lightsaber is an example of incredible skill and confidence, dexterity and attunement to the Force.

DL-44 Blaster Pistol

Kyles personal modified blaster. This trusty little gun packs quite a punch for its size, but has however a pretty slow firingrate. What makes it such a good blaster is the fact that even though it takes some shots to finish an enemy off, the blaster shots are very accurate.

E-11 Blaster Rifle

This weapon can be found in almost any Stormtroopers hands. This is the standard weapon for Imperial forces and also used by the Mercanaries hired by the remnants. The blaster is so popular since it has such powerfull firepower and a very rapid firerate even though the size doesn't make it uncomfortable.
Tenloss Distruptor Rifle

Affecting matter at the molecular level, this rifle rips apart living material with ease and speed. It is outlawed across the galaxy and used only by unsavory types and gangsters. The rifle has a very effective rifle which makes sniping and ambush a great feature to the rifle.
Wookie Bowcaster

It might look archaic, but this weapon fires powerful bolts of metal enveloped in energy pockets. A self-cocking attachment allows creatures weaker than Wookiees to fire them.
Imperial Heavy Repeater w/ Concussion Launcher

A deadly and destructive projective weapon that fires a rapid stream of metal bullets, this gun is capable of covering an entire area with deadly suppressive fire.
Destructive Electromagnetic Pulse 2 (Demp 2) Gun

This gun fires high-powered ion bursts that wipe out electrical systems. It is very effective against droids and electrical devices, although the latest version can also cause damage to living tissue.

Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette Weapon

Often used by the Corporate Sector Authority's police squads, the FC-1 fires shards of metal in a shotgun-like spread, capable of hitting multiple targets in close proximity. The primary fire discharges like a shotgun, while secondary fire launches two mines that ricochet, then explode. after a few seconds or when someone comes within a certain proximity.
Merr-Sonn Plx-2M Portable Missile System

A dangerous weapon that fires Arakyd 3T3 missiles.
Thermal Detonator

Infamous throughout the galaxy, a thermal detonator releases a barrage of energy and heat that destroys everything around it.
Trip Mine

Best placed on walls, these trip mines come in triangular-shaped explosive casings. A laser beam is emitted from the casing and extends to the nearest parallel surface. If the beam is broken or the explosive casing fired upon, the mine detonates and damages anything in close proximity.
Detonation Pack

This is a small explosive pack with a remote activator. Students can place multiple detonation packs, and then explode them from a distance. Typically used to ambush enemies or blow open doors that are otherwise sealed.