Kyle Katarn

After having conquered Jerec at the Valley of the Jedi, Kyle left the ways of the Jedi in fear of being forced to the Dark Side since he knew the location of the Valley. In order to keep it safe he told no one and never went there.

Katarn also gave his Lightsaber to Luke Skywalker, for safety. However, on an everyday mission with his partner Jan Ors, a Dark Jedi known as Desaan kills Jan, but leaves Katarn hurt and wounded. Confused by anger, Kyle goes to the Valley to seek its power, finding himself unable to complete the powerful transfer.

He goes to Yavin IV, where Luke grants him his Lightsaber after a trial to regain much of Kyles lost force powers. Kyle now know the ways of the Force again, and embarks on a journey to find Desaan and save the Galaxy once more.