- Lightsaber - Modified Bryar Pistol - E-11 Blaster Rifle - Wookie Bowcaster - Imperial Repeaterr -

- Rail Detonator - Concussion Rifle - Thermal Detonator - Sequencer Charge -



The lightsaber is the trademark and only true weapon of the Jedi. The sabers were used in a more civilized age, which means that carrying a lightsaber is an example of incredible skill and confidence, dexterity and attunement to the Force.

Modified Bryar (Blaster) Pistol

Kyles personal modified blaster. This trusty little gun packs quite a punch for its size, but has however a pretty slow firingrate. What makes it such a good blaster is the fact that even though it takes some shots to finish an enemy off, the blaster shots are very accurate.

E-11 Blaster Rifle

This weapon can be found in almost any Stormtroopers hands. This is the standard weapon for Imperial forces and also used by the Mercanaries hired by the remnants. The blaster is so popular since it has such powerfull firepower and a very rapid firerate even though the size doesn't make it uncomfortable.
Wookie Bowcaster

It might look archaic, but this weapon fires powerful bolts of energy, and can pack quite a punch if fired at the right target. A self-cocking attachment allows creatures weaker than Wookiees to fire them. When the trigger is held down, the weapon fires multible bolts, not as powerful or at the same firerate, but the spread makes it be able to hit waves of enemies.
Imperial Repeater

This weapon is another Imperial standard issue for Heavy Duty Stormtroopers, and is very hard to block with a saber since it has such an increadibly high firerate. To see it in other organizations is rare but do happen in case of theft or Stormtroopers looted after death. It's a very strong weapon with an incredibly fast firing rate.
Rail Detonator

This deadly missile launcher has two modes of destruction. One is a missile that soars through the air without dropping and explodes on impact of opponent or other materials. The second fire mode is the same kind of missile with a timer which makes it possible to stick it to a wall or an enemy, creating fear and confusion before exploding. If stuck to an enemy, it won't come off until it explodes.
Concussion Rifle

Fires a compressed bullet containing ionised air which detonates on impact and creates a giant ion explosion. With a maximum range of 30 meters, this rifle is very lethal, but can kill the user if the bullet impacts to near.

Thermal Detonator

Infamous throughout the galaxy, a thermal detonator releases a barrage of energy and heat that destroys everything around it.
Sequencer Charge

This sort of charge works just like L.M Mines: there are two ways of usage; one of these have a three second delay before detonation. Although useful for when being chased, it very easily damages the user to. The second has a sensor that only triggers the detonation if touched.