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Corellia is a wellknown planet and is the birthplanet of the Rebel Alliance. It has been a very important planet considering the galactic battle between the Empire and the Rebels.
Since the destruction of the Empire, this planet has grown to have a larger population and is a planet with a lot of smugglers, journeymen and travelers. The cities, like Coronet, are mostly a lot of skyscrapers, but Corellia have very beautifull landscape of grassfields and oceans.



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Blenjeel is a sandy planet, mostly filled with gas. Although no civilisations can be found on this red desert planet, a lot of lifeforms inhibit its surface.

The planet are not often visited by journeymen because of the dangerous creatures on the planet.



The Jedi Academy

The Jedi Academy was known as the rebel outpost before and during the Battle of Yavin, and was a very important base of operations for the rebels at that time. However, when the battle was fought, the rebels had to move to a safer location since, although the Death Star was destroyed, the Imperials knew their location. When the Empire was destroyed, Luke later went back to the base and started the Jedi Academy which would train the new generation of Jedi, bringing back peace to the galaxy.