- Force Jump - Force Push - Force Pull - Force Speed - Force Sense -

Light Side
- Force Absorb - Force Heal - Mind Trick - Force Protection -

Dark Side
- Force Drain - Force Lightning - Force Grip - Force Rage -


Force Jump

A Jedi can use the Force to dramatically increase his leaping abilities for defense and general maneuverability in both combat and non-combat situations. Force Jump is considered a neutral Force power, neither passive nor aggressive.

Force Push

A powerful neutral Force ability, Force Push can be used to knock enemies off their feet and repel them away from a Jedi in combat. Force Push can also move objects, manipulate some control panels and switches and, at its highest levels, repel multiple opponents and break saber locks.

Force Pull

An extremely useful neutral Force ability, Force Pull has a wide variety of uses including disarming opponents by pulling the weapons from their hands, moving objects and manipulating switches or control panels from a distance.
Force Speed

A Jedi can draw upon the Force to enhance his speed to aid him in combat, giving him a dramatic edge when wielding a lightsaber against projectile weapons. Force Speed is also quite useful when discretion becomes the better part of valor and is considered a neutral Force ability.
Force Sense

Enables a player to see non-player characters, pickups an
d some world objects better, even through walls.
Force Absorb

Allows a player to see and absorb dark force power directed at them. Also absorbs push and pull.
Force Heal

Jedi can draw upon the Force to recover from wounds and injuries sustained in battle. In multiplayer team games, a player can use the Force to heal himself or teammates. Healing is considered a light side Force ability because of its passive, helpful nature.

Mind Trick

The Force can exert a powerful influence over the weak minded. A Jedi Mind Trick can be used to outwit opponents in verbal negotiations or to make them see or hear things that aren't there. Mind Trick is a useful, neutral Force power that is often used
in Jedi stealth operations where the goal is to avoid detection and confrontation with the enemy.
Force Protection

Gives the player the ability to decrease incoming damage from energy, physical, projectile and explosive sources.
Force Drain

Drains health from non-player characters and uses it to replenish the players health.
Force Lightning

Allows the player to hurl a devastating electrical attack against foes. When a foe is targeted by this power, it locks on and continues to drain the enemy and consume the attacker's Force Pool. This continues until the enemy perishes, goes out of range, or the player's Force Pool is depleted.
Force Grip

Force Grip allows a Jedi to use the Force to choke or constrict the organs of an opponent to harm or incapacitate them. Grip is rarely used by light Jedi as it is more attuned to the dark side of the Force.
Force Rage

This force power allows a player to protect themselves against damage by speeding up their movement and increasing the damage they can inflict onto others while the player's Force Pool is depleting.