The Blood Moon is located in a backwater system somewhere just outside the Outer Rim, is a hospitable world devoid of natural life. Worthless red
dust litters its barren rock surface, but beneath it lays an infinite supply of
the rare metal Phrik. With General Rom Mohc’s Darktrooper project calling for mass quantities of the metal for his robotic stormtroopers’ armor plating, an Imperial mining outpost was established. With the project already compromised by the Rebel Alliance, General Mohc and Darth Vader saw it fit to post a prototype Phase I Dark Trooper to fend off intruders. Even with the extra security measures and the Darktrooper to defend the base’s vulnearable power generator at the heart of the base, Rebel Agent Kyle Katarn still managed to plant a sequencer charge within the power exchange coupling. With the generator so close to the planet’s core, the explosion set off a chain reaction that
consumed over half the planet in flames.



A snow covered planet with a very thin atmosphere, Anteevy is home to
the Empire’s “Ice Station Beta.” Within this Imperial facility, the metal Phrik
is unloaded and is then melted and treated by toxic gases to cure it of any
impurities. Upon completing the refinary process, it was then shipped off to
the Executor before meeting up with its final destination: the Darktrooper
mobile factory, the Arc Hammer. After the destruction of Gromas’s Imperial
mining facility, a number of completed Phase II Darktroopers and more prototype
Phase Is were posted to fend off any attempts at its power couplings. Once
again the guards and Darktroopers were no match for Kyle Katarn. The base was
destroyed after he planted 3 sequence charges on the main reactor.