Kyle Katarn

A Rebel Alliance agent and a former stormtrooper soldier. When his father, Morgan Katarn, got killed by a Dark Jedi called Jerec, he joined forces with the Rebel Alliance.

In Dark Forces, Kyle´s first mission was to brake into a imperial facility and get out of there alive with
the Death Star plans. Kyle and his companion Jan Ors also helped to get rid of the new imperial threat; The Dark Trooper. Kyle even rescued Crix Madine from an Imperial prison and
sabotaged the Dark Troopers spacegoing construction site, The Arc Hammer.


Jan Ors

A talented pilot and spy. Jan works underground for the Alliance with her partner, Kyle Katarn. Most times, Jan has to bail Kyle out from certain "difficulties". However, Jan is a highly effective agent in her own right, and is well respected for her efforts for the Rebellion. Jan is credited (with the help of Kyle Katarn) with stealing the plans for the Death Star from the lab on Danuta by Mon Mothma in the book SW Dark Forces: Rebel Agent.




Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma was the Supreme Commander of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Mothma was also in charge of Katarns briefing and debriefing. She was also leader of Kyle Katarns first mission, and the obtainment of the Death Star plans.




Darth Vader

Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, was the scourge of the Jedi, a master of the dark side of the Force, and one of the Emperor's most trusted servants. His new project with the Dark Trooper would make sure that the Rebel Alliance would be crushed!







A loyal and trusty General for the Empire.
Mohc is the leader of the Darktrooper project and tests the prototypes himself. You will duel him once, when he is wearing a
Dark Trooper Phase III Prototype Suit.






Moff Rebus

Moff Rebus was an Imperial weapon specialist, who designed the incredible weapon for the Darktroopers. He was a wanted man by the Rebel Alliance, and it was Kyle Katarns job to find him. Rebus had a hidden base in Anoat City's sewage system, with great defenses, as Probe Droids, Dianogas and Grans. When Kyle finally found him, Rebus was brought back and interrogated by the Rebel Alliance.